Frequently asked questions about our online store


What is the working hours of
  1. Online orders in the online store are registering all day and all night.
  2. managers are working Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00.
  3. FREE shipping made from 10:00 to 20:00 on weekdays.
  4. PAID delivery carried out from 10:00 to 20:00, except Sundays.


How to register?

1. On the main page of in the upper right corner click "Register"

2. To register, you must fill in the fields marked in red

3. Check your e-mail for the confirmation email

4. To complete registration, follow the instructions as stated in the letter

How to order?

1. Just click "BUY" located next to the product

2. Click the "Order" in the pop-up window

3. On the "Order entry" fill in the fields marked in red

4. Choose your Payment method

5. Click "Order" at the bottom of the page

6. Expect a call from our managers

How client cabinet works?

1. Client cabinet of is available to registered users only

2. Complete the registration if you have not done so

3. Otherwise, Click "Login" on the home page at the top right

4. On the "My Profile", you will see four tabs

5. "Personal information" – details for our managers to contact you

6. "Change Password" - to ensure the safety of your profile

7. "Order history"- to recall your orders

8. "Wishlist" - to mark favorite PRODUCTS

9. Information on the accrued bonuses, is also available in the cabinet

How to find out product availability?
  1. If you see the red "BUY" button next to the item, it means that product is in stock.
  2. If you see the blue "Want it!" button next to the item, it means availability of the product needs to be clarified.


How to pay?

1. On the order confirmation page, you can select "Pay by cash" or "Payment by card"

2. If you have accumulated bonus points you can pay part of the sum with bonuses

3. If you pay online, the system will redirect you to a page of partner bank for payment

4. If you pay in cash, the representative of the shipping service will collect the money and issue proof of purchase

5. Mobile terminals for card payment on delivery is not available yet

Do you offer Gift Cards?

1. We do not offer gift cards

2. We have a lot of free gifts (prizes, discounts, bonuses and lower prices)

How to pay with bank cards?

1. On the order confirmation page, select the "Payment by card"

2. If you have accumulated bonus points, you can set off against the amount of the bonuses

3. In case of payment by credit card online, the system will redirect you to a page of partner bank to make a payment


How do you deliver?

1. There are two types of deliveries: free and paid

2. There is a special type of delivery: Pickup from Partner Store

3. Free Shipping is available from 10:00 to 20:00 on weekdays

4. Pay the delivery carried out from 10:00 to 20:00 except on Sundays

5. Free delivery is available only when the minimum order conditions is met

6. If an order is placed before 12:00 pm, you can expect delivery within 24 hours

7. If the order is issued after 12:00 pm, you can expect delivery the next day by the evening

8. Our manager will contact you to clarify the date and time of delivery

9. See "Terms of deliveries" section for more information


How to buy cheaper?

1. On the main page of is, right under advertising you see the "Campaigns" section

2. You will immediately see in the "Campaign" four products at a good price

3. Do you want to buy more? Click "All campaigns"

4. RED timer displays the time until the start of sales

5. Press the "NOTIFY" icon to notify the start of sales

6. GREEN timer displays the time until the end of SALES

7. Click "BUY" for ordering at a bargain price

How do I earn bonuses?

1. offers two ways for collecting bonus to the personal cabinet

2. Method 1: SHOP on and receive a bonus award

3. Bonuses accumulate only to registered users

4. The amount of the bonus depends on the price you bought the goods on

5. VIP bonuses are provided for larger orders

6. Method 2: JOIN FIRST during special promotions and receive bonuses and gifts

How to use my bonuses?

1. If you have accumulated a certain amount of bonus you can use them to pay for your orders

2. When ordering, use the option "PAY by Bonus"

3. The price amount of the order will be decreased from the bonus size

4. NEW bonus will be credited to your account, even in this case


How to repair products?

1. Check that you have official WARRANTY REGISTRATION CARD from ATL Electronics

2. Find the phone number of the service center in the "Contacts" section on

3. Call the service center and tell us about the problem

4. The operator of the service center will register your application and will assign a specialist

5. Follow the instructions from the service center specialist

Return and Replacement terms

When dealing with dispute issues, we are guided by the Law on Consumer Protection of Azerbaijan Republic:

  1. Not more than 14 days passed since the date of purchase (excluding the date of purchase);
  2. Goods of good quality;
  3. The product was not used, that is, the packaging is not broken, there is no trace of operation, product kit is kept;
  4. Consuming properties of the goods are kept;
  5. There is evidence of its acquisition on online store (receipt or other proof of payment);
  6. This product is not a product with a digital control unit or microprocessor control unit;
  7. This product is not a desk or portable computer;
  8. The reason for the return is not related to the complexity in product usage.
       Under these conditions, the purchased goods can be replaced üith the same item, or returned getting back money paid.

If you do not find an answer to your question please contact us: