The fan which was thought up in China was the first conditioner.

There were years. The mankind still used fans.

But I have begun, a scientific and technological revolution and in 1735 in England there has come time of a mechanical fan working from the steam engine.

In 1929 the General Electric company has released the first room conditioner


The USA long time was in the lead also in production of conditioners.

So far in the late fifties the Japanese company Daikin hasn't put on the market the household conditioner equipped with the thermal pump. This device not only cooled, air, but also the room warmed.

In Toshiba they didn't doze too. In the 1961st the company has let out the first modern a Split system.

In the USSR in 1975, by means of the Japanese firm Hitachi in the capital of Azerbaijan, in the city of Baku production of household conditioners has been arranged. These conditioners, under the name "BK" (the Household Conditioner) were issued

However, development of science happens such rates now that behind it scientists aren't in time. Even it is difficult for them to imagine what will become things, habitual for us, in 30 years.

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