Earlier with cleaning of the screen of the TV there were no problems.
All dirt could just be cleaned. Modern TVs demand careful leaving as screens of liquid crystal and plasma panels differs in high sensitivity.

What to wipe the TV screen with in house conditions and what means it is better to choose?.
To remember the main thing:
1. Any alcohol! The screen of the TV contains a special antiglare covering which instantly spoils.
Any window cleaners and ware, cleaners of glasses, acetone, laundry detergent,
2. Don't use paper towels, and toilet paper
3. Don't use wet towel wipes

So, having chosen necessary means, we can begin. To facilitate process and it is necessary not to do harm:
1. Prepare a special napkin or fabric
Before starting cleaning of the screen, be convinced that it is switched-off from network!
on the dark screen dirt will be better visible
2. Never spray liquid directly on the screen.

3. When cleaning it isn't necessary to press strongly on the screen;
4. In places of joints between the screen and the case of the TV, it is possible to apply a usual Q-tip.
We hope that these recommendations will save Vash the screen.

To avoid problems with breakage of the screen or other parts of the TV, it is necessary to treat his choice more attentively. – Advises Skyworth TVs! Quality at minimum price! – an obvious difference in the prices!