History of the refrigerator has begun long before the invention of electricity when the person has found out that products are longer stored in cold. More habitual refrigerator has begun the existence in 1895. It was the project developed by the French physicist Marcel Odifren.


The first operating refrigerator has been assembled by the American engineers in 1910. He had many shortcomings. He hasn't got to mass production.

In 1911 the General Electric company has started the household Odifren refrigerator in production.

In 1918 the Kelvineytor company has started in production, refrigerator model which was created by the American engineer Royal Samuel Kopeland.


In 1926, to General Electric and the Danish engineer Christian Stinstrup there was a new model of the Top Monitor refrigerator

In Europe the first refrigerator has descended from the production line in 1926. He was let out by A-Tevec.

The modern refrigerator which is available practically in each family a little than reminds the first models. His design is more perfect, and use of modern achievements does his work almost trouble-free.


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