New model of 2017 the Midea Ultimate Comfort DC Inverter conditioner, revolution in the world of household conditioners.

Thanks to unique Silky technology, air from the conditioner goes through a set of small openings which turn into a gentle and pleasant stream of air.

With the Midea Ultimate Comfort conditioner to you it will be especially comfortable as it is almost silent!

Midea Ultimate Comfort, thanks to unique Invertor technology just perfectly saves the electric power with an indicator of energy consumption of EURO CLASSA A +++

At the same time instantly cooling or warming the room!

Perhaps, to operate the conditioner through the Midea Air program, from your smartphone.

It is equipped with the humidity sensor!

Technology of self-cleaning!

The system of a filtration Air Magic, deletes practically all microbes.

This a miracle the conditioner will be available on sale already soon!

Of course, you will be able to buy it and a set of other models the first, only the official representative has MIDEA in Azerbaijan – Galaxy.az!

Galaxy.az – clear price differences!