The first question which arises upon purchase of the refrigerator is VOLUME.
We will consider a difference between the total amount of the refrigerator and its NET volume.
Why to buy the huge refrigerator if you live one?
And as if not to buy the refrigerator with a small volume if you have a big family.
And so, all one after another:

What is refrigerator volume?

It is not just width and height. This place in the refrigerator which will be taken by products! Regiments, partitions and compressors are excluded from net volume!
Many producers most often specify one volume, namely the general.

To whom and how many it is necessary places in the refrigerator?

If you live one or with couple, then you completely will have the refrigerator with the net volume of 80-120 liters.
The family of 3 or 4 people, will need about 300-350 liters.
If in your family there are much more people, then we advise to buy the refrigerator with net volume already of 400-500 liters.
All this is considered provided that only necessary products will be stored in the refrigerator.

In this article We have tried though a little, to open a question of the NET VOLUME of the refrigerator.

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