Today, to estimate basic advantages of 3D-printing is complicated due to its expensiveness, however, Chinese developers have decided to help all those who suffer and created a compact 3D-hundred-dollar printer PocketMaker, which if desired, can be carried.

The equipment has the correct dimensions of a cube with sides of 8 cm and a weight of 850 grams. Printing is done using PLA and ABS white strands of pink, blue and yellow. The proposed replacement nozzles will allow not to worry about contamination.

You can draw your own 3D-models of future products or take advantage of the base of finished layouts in the firware application that is open source and is designed for Android, IOS, Windows and Mac OS.

On crowdsourcing site Indiegogo campaign launched to collect funds for a mini-3D printer called PocketMaker. By the end of the event remains 24 days, and Chinese developers have already collected 30 thousand dollars of the 70,000 required. If they collect the necessary sum, pocket (by the assertions of the creators) 3D-printer will be available in June 2017 at the price of 149 dollars. Now the pre-order price of $ 99.