On the websites where there are dishwashers, it is always specified how many sets of ware the dishwasher can contain.

But what is a set and on how many person it is calculated, it isn't specified!

We will try to answer these questions in this article:

We choose the dishwasher on spaciousness!

Choosing the dishwashing machine, it is necessary to know its actual capacity, but not that that it is specified in characteristics.

Usually for a family 1-2 persons are enough, the dishwasher with a capacity of 6 sets.

For a family of 4-5 people it is the best of all to choose the dishwasher with a capacity of 9-10 sets.

For a big family, without deliberating, it is worth taking the dishwasher which for once washes not less than 12 sets.

Optimal variant of 14 - 17 sets.

These small calculations will help you, to understand an approximate set of ware for your family.

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