The washing machine the important household appliance in each house.

She simplifies washing and saves a lot of time which you can spend for Yourself.

Of course sooner or later there is a moment when We begin to think not only of spaciousness but also of durability of the washing machine.

Not secret that, drum washing cars one of the most weak spots.

Today I want to demonstrate to you pluses and minuses, a belt and the direct drive of the drum in washing machines.

It will help you to draw the correct conclusions upon purchase of the washing machine.

Advantages of the direct drive

- The design of washing machines with the direct drive contains less the fragile and worn-out details, than in cars with the belt drive.

- Very silent operation of the reel with system - Direct Drive

- Stability increases

- Washing is slightly better

- Economy of water and the electric power to 30%

Shortcomings of the direct drive

- Very high price

- Big vulnerability to power surges

- High extent of hit in the water engine that leads to breakage

- Noisy discharge of water

- Quickly details wear out

- Very expensive repair which practically costs up to 60% of the cost of the car

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