This Warranty Agreement shall approve the conditions of adoption by ATL Electronics the commitments to address consumer claims in the event of the discovering defects that arise from manufacturers’ fault in the products imported by ATL Electronics to the territory of Azerbaijan.

This Warranty Agreement shall approve the procedure, rules of registration, as well as the terms and methods for processing claims from consumers in connection with the quality of goods imported by ATL Electronics to the territory of Azerbaijan.


Company’s warranty card confirms acceptance of ATL Electronics commitments to address consumer complaints, in case of detection of defects in the product that emerge due to the Manufacturer’s fault.

ATL Electronics Company reserves the right to refuse to meet the warranty requirements of consumers and free servicing products in the event of non-compliance with the conditions set forth below.

Corporate Warranty by ATL Electronics is valid only if case of correctly and clearly indicated data:

  • models;
  • serial number of the product;
  • date of sale;
  • clear stamps of the seller
  • buyer's signature.

The model and serial number on the incoming claims to the Service Centre shall be same as on the warranty card.

If any of these conditions, as well as in cases where data specified in the warranty card altered, deleted or re-written, the warranty card shall be deemed invalid. If the date of sale cannot be determined, in accordance with the legislation on consumer protection, warranty period is calculated from the date of manufacture of the product.

ATL Electronics establishes the warranty period, calculated from the date of sale, and the term of the paid service, calculated from the date of the warranty period, is subject to following the rules of use by Consumer.


Under the free service is understood ATL Electronics’ commitment on inefficiencies (defects) of products arising through the fault of the manufacturer without a charge to the buyer (consumer).

ATL Electronics Company assumes no warranty and does not produce free service products in the following cases:

  • if a product intended for personal (household, family) needs is used for entrepreneurial  activities as well as for any other purpose other than its intended purpose;
  • violation of the rules and conditions of use, installation contained in the User Guide and other documentation submitted to the consumer with the product;
  • If the product has traces of attempts of unqualified repair;
  • If the defect is caused by a change in design or product’s circuit design, connecting external devices, not envisaged by the manufacturer;
  • If the defect is caused by force majeure, disaster cases, intentional or careless actions of user or third parties;
  • if mechanical damages exist, caused after transferring product to consumer; damage caused by exposure to moisture, high or low temperatures, corrosion, oxidation, ingestion of foreign objects articles, substances, liquids, insects or animals;
  • if the defect has arisen as a result of normal wear and tear during usage of products. Thus, under normal wear is understood the consequences of product use, which caused the deterioration of their technical condition and appearance of the prolonged use of said product;
  • If the damage (defects) is caused by the mismatch of standards or technical regulations of supply, cable, telecommunications networks, radio signal strength, including reasons due to the form of the landscape and other similar external factors, product usage on the border or outside of the network, connecting the product to other inappropriate or defective external devices;
  • if the data specified on the product label get corrected, erased, and in the absence of marking on the product label.


In its service center, ATL Electronics adopted standard periods of service for incoming requests and claims occurred on the product manufacturer faults.

Response times - the time between contacting the customer service center and consultation by service specialist - the next day after application.

Engineer arrival time - the time between the registration request to the Service Center and the arrival of Engineer Service Center at the customer’s place - within 5 days.

Repair period - the time between the registration request to the service centers and repair of equipment (bringing the faulty equipment to working condition) - within 20 days.